Educational app

CricketPang Kindergarten, an educational app from You Need Character, surpasses 60,000 downloads per month after launch.

[ad_1] YOU NEED CHARACTER was created in 2017 by Mr. SONG Minsu, who has acquired 15 years of experience in the animation industry. The company is making inroads into markets around the world with a variety of educational content for children, comprised of different themes and creative ideas. The CricketPang Kindergarten app uses the IP […]

Educational books

Two educational books on animal welfare distributed to schools in Malta and Gozo

[ad_1] Two educational books on animal rights and welfare are distributed free of charge to all primary schools in Malta and Gozo. Both books, both written in Maltese and English, provide educational information on the proper treatment of animals in Malta, including references to applicable laws and the penalties incurred for breaking them. Karl’s journey […]

Educational websites

Best Educational Websites for Kids: From BBC Bitesize to Cosmic Kids

[ad_1] Since Tuesday, January 5, England has again been under national lockdown with emergency measures to control the rapid spread of the coronavirus. With schools now closed, solidarity with all home-schooled parents who find themselves struggling again to provide their children with interesting, educational and absorbing things to do, day in and day out. Fortunately, […]