Educational app

An educational app is launched to educate children about bees


Given the lack of awareness and care of bees, the National University (UNA) Tropical Beekeeping Research Center, wants to show Tico children the importance of these animals for the planet.

Therefore, in order to teach how these pollinators contribute to the survival of ecosystems and food security, the UNA, with the support of the GEF Small Grants Programs and United Nations Development Programs, has launched “The bees in my backyard.” There are games and activities for children to learn while having fun. These insects are responsible for pollinating much of the wild flora and more than 70% of the fruits and vegetables that humans and animals consume, according to the University.

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Importance of bees

“The importance of bees for food security and the challenges these insects face are complex issues that require differentiated dynamics to permeate the learning of miners, furthermore, it is important to recognize the reach that can be achieved using the technologies of information, because it is as easy as just downloading the application on a mobile device or tablet from anywhere in the world,” said Paola Hernández, project coordinator.

The application shows two characters: Apina and Asalia, who tell stories and explain in each of the four mini-games aspects of their morphology, their contributions to pollination, the main threats and the products that can be obtained with derivatives of hives . It is currently available for mobile devices with Android operating system in the Google store and can be downloaded for free.

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