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‘Science Manga Survival’ educational books get second animated film on Deep Sea – News


Animation Toei announced on Friday that he was producing a second animated film based on the Survival of the manga Kagaku (Science Manga Survival) is studying the manga series. New Shinkai no survival! (Survive! In the Deep Sea) movie adapts the Shinkai no survival! delivered. The film will be released in Japan on August 13.

The film will feature returning cast members Satsumi Matsuda as Geo, Megumi han as Pipi (Phoebe), and Akira Ishida like Kei. Satoru Iriyoshi (Precurate franchise storyboarder and episode animation director) directs the film at Animation Toei and Gallop. Isao Murayama returns from the previous movie to write the script. Japan Agency for Marine and Terrestrial Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) supervises the film.

The Survival of the manga Kagaku The manga series follows children through various adventurous situations while incorporating scientific information into the story. The previous film, To survive! Inside the human body (I have no survival!) focused on the human body, while the new film deals with the deep sea. Shinkai no survival! is the best-selling book in the series. The books have 10 million copies printed in Japan.

The series originated in South Korea by Gomdori Co. and illustrator Hyun-Dong Han. The full-color manga and study book series was launched in 2008.

No starch press published part of the series in English under the title To survive! Inside the human body.

The To survive! Inside the human body animated film opened in Japan with the Ganbareiwa !! Robocon double feature film in July 2020. Animation Toei produced a 100-second animated video for the manga in March 2019. At the time, Mainichi Shimbun Mantan Web’s website indicated that the video was a pilot film.

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