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The 49 best educational websites and apps to learn new things for free


Take free online courses on a variety of topics. Pexels

Once upon a time, if you wanted to learn something, you had to a) pay a lot of money, and b) go to a school or classroom, a place specifically dedicated to learning. Those days are over.

Now, a wealth of apps, websites, and institutions offer us a wider variety of (often superior) educational experiences than ever before and we can access them from anywhere in the world, often for free. The apps and websites on this list can teach you pretty much everything from coding and cooking to browsing and negotiating.

These days, there is simply no excuse for not knowing something you would like to know. You can learn it all, for free, at your own pace, anywhere you can access the Internet. We have no more excuses for not educating ourselves – unless you download knowledge directly into your head, it’s as easy as it gets.

Take free online courses on a variety of topics

Khan Academy – Free high quality courses on a variety of topics.

Alison – Free online courses from the world’s best publishers.

Buffet – Free online courses created by universities.

Udemy – Huge selection of free and premium courses, mainly on technical skills.

Intellectual – Free 10-day lessons, divided into daily 5-minute lessons and delivered by email.

Academic land Free online academic training for all.

Learner Printed and video content, participatory and organized by experts.

Diploma Unlimited learning. Free forever.

Be healthier, be more productive and learn faster

MemriseLearn a variety of topics via digital flashcards and crowdsourced mnemonics.

big – Articles to become healthy and happy.

ZenHabitsMinimalist productivity advice, with a focus on psychology.

Anki – Free flash card software.

Hello healthy – Short, actionable articles on weight loss and fitness.

Fitocracy – Free training, fitness advice and fitness monitoring.

Learn coding and other technical skills

Learn coding and other technical skills. Pexels

Codecademy – Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python and more.

Free Code Camp – Learn to code, meet other coders, build projects that help non-profit organizations. – Introductory coding courses, designed for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Data Camp – Free and freemium courses on R, Python and data visualization.

CodeCombat – Introductory coding lessons in the form of a fantastic RPG.

Lrn – Phone application with free interactive coding mini-quiz.

To learn a new language

Duolingo – Learn over 20 different languages ​​including Klingon for some reason.

Hubbub – Free language learning with integrated voice recognition.

Drops – Study a language on your phone for only 5 minutes a day.

BusuuCommunity-based language learning. Interact with native speakers.

Coffee Strap – Practice a new language by chatting with native speakers with whom you share common interests.

Lingvist – Learn a language in 200 hours.

Sharpen your social and professional skills

Sharpen your social and professional skills. Pexels

Improve your social skills – Free social skills guide from a guy who overcame Asperger’s syndrome.

Socially successful – Free social skills guide for clumsy people. – Free articles on job search, promotion, self-employment, personal branding and other professional skills.

Spirit Tools – Free tools and videos to improve career, management and communication skills.

Do something

MakezineOnline magazine for makers with guides, projects and news.

Snapguide – Free guides created by users for creators.

Chef’s Steps – Mix of free and premium cooking classes.

Instructables – User-created guides to do everything from cookies to buildings.

All Recipes – The largest collection of recipes on the web.

Become a human encyclopedia

Become a human encyclopedia. Pexels

InstaNerd – Read an endless series of random facts.

TED-Ed – Organized and high quality educational videos.

Brain pump – Watch a random educational video.

Now I know – Fun facts delivered in a daily email newsletter.

Curiousity – 5 new fun facts, delivered to your phone every day.

ZidbitHuge collection of articles on fun and unusual (mostly scientific) topics.

Great reflection – In-depth videos by experts.

Curious – Sharpen your brain with daily “workouts”

Do something fun

YousicienLearn your favorite songs for guitar, bass, piano and ukulele.

Parkour and the world of freerunning – Free Parkour and Freerunning video tutorials. Be careful!

Chess academy – Learn chess from masters and solve chess puzzles.

Piano – Learn to play piano online.

Surfedukators – Free surf videos, tips and tutorials

Flow key – Free piano training application.

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The 49 best educational websites and apps to learn new things for free

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