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the educational app looks at 1 million users


Called Taleemabad, the app is available on mobile and desktop and provides access to parts of the primary school curriculum (eg English, Urdu and Math) through a dedicated cartoon series.

“This will allow us to target the province, in particular the areas which have suffered from terrorism”

The name of the app, which means “Education City” in Urdu, is a reference to where the co-founders developed the idea for edtech start-up Orenda, which developed the app: Georgetown University in Qatar, based in Education City in Doha.

Orenda co-founder Haroon Yasin, who has also been recognized as one of the Young rulers of the queen in 2018, said The pie that the app currently reaches a total of 106,000 users across the country, also in rural Pakistan.

“The app’s greatest accomplishments are its reach and the fact that it represents a broader vision of sustainability,” he explained.

Over the next two years, he added, Orenda plans to complete the K-5 program offering, which will propel user numbers closer to the 1m mark.

“Here, students take the first state examination after the 5the and once we have completed an array of content that can teach students for this exam, we expect our downloads to approach one million, with 20,000 users paying for premium features, ”he added. .

The team is also set to sign a partnership with the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, whose support will allow Taleemabad to expand its reach – and its Pashtun-language study program.

“There is currently no Pashto language learning platform and its development will allow us to target the province, especially areas that have suffered from terrorism,” Yasin said.

“It will also allow us to target users in neighboring Afghanistan, which has also fallen behind in academic performance due to the conflict.”

In the long term, Orenda aims to expand the program up to grade 12 and reach six million children, Yasin said, perfecting content for different levels of ability.

The edtech company is also aiming to expand its geographic reach beyond Pakistan, looking to Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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