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Waitrose helps write educational books


WThe atrose Health and Nutrition team helped develop six healthy eating children’s books for a new online library.

The Social Book Club is a subscription service hosting around 200 original online stories that aim to educate children about the issues they face in the modern world, from health and wellness to family life. The stories are designed to help teachers and parents introduce topics from the Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PHSE) curriculum.

The six-part series takes elementary-aged readers on a trip to a supermarket to teach them about healthy food choices. They meet different characters along the way – including Sammy the Strawberry and Blake the Broccoli – who boast about the nutritional powers they offer. The Waitrose Nutrition and Health team provided advice for the books based on the UK government’s Eatwell Guide recommendations.

The retailer is offering myWaitrose and myJohnLewis cardholders a 25% discount off the regular monthly subscription cost of £ 7.99 to £ 5.99 with code WAITROSE at the Social Book Club checkout. The Club is launching into homes and schools this week.

Dr Emma Williams, Head of Nutrition at Waitrose, who helped develop the site’s six new books, said: “It is important for children to understand where food comes from and the role it plays for them. help grow into happy and healthy adults. are delighted to support the Social Book Club. We hope the books show kids how different foods work together to deliver key nutrients in a fun and exciting way. “

Dean Horridge, Founder and CEO of the Social Book Club, added: “The Social Book Club is delighted to partner with Waitrose. These six books will engage children and make them discover the benefits of a varied and healthy diet, through a cast of colorful characters! The mission of the Social Book Club is to give children subjects that support them in these difficult times that we know children face today.

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